Structured campaign schedule


Schedule in brief

The campaign is structured to suit both the participants and the host, and so will be concluded in Phases.

Phase 1 : Register Your Idea

Simple. Complete the form and send us your idea. Be crisp, focus on key points, market needs and your solution as well as overall vision.  If you just have an idea but have not yet formulated a detailed plan don’t worry. You can still submit this semi developed business idea to us. 

Phase 2 : Initial Feedback (go / no go)

Based on your submission our team of experts will evaluate your idea and provide an initial go / no go.  Why would we give a no go? Don’t we want to work with all ideas. Yes we do.

Unfortunately, our panel of experts have limited bandwidth to support/focus on business ideas.  Oftentimes, while the idea is good it is too generic or does not fulfil needs of the market.  We also find that many ideas are “me too”.   We are looking for unique solutions. 

Can you solve the problem in a better way? Is your value proposition unique? Is this an idea that can turn into the next big thing? How good is the team? These will be few of the criteria used by our experts to shortlist plans.

Don’t worry if you did not make it this time. We will provide you with feedback and resources that will help you forward your journey.  Also do check our phase 5, here we will connect you with people who will help you hone your idea into a workable scalable plan.  

Phase 3 : Detailed Plan

Once your idea is vetted by our experts and shortlisted, we will provide you six week time to prepare an in-depth proposal with milestones, funding requirement, product/service launch, KRA’s etc. 

The finalized plans will be screened once we are satisfied that your plan is ready to be showcased to experts, we will inform you of a date and time of a special event open for invitee only.  

Phase 4 : Pitch Your Plan Event

Here you will have an opportunity to show case your plan to our experts and some potential investors. Approximately 20 minutes of pitch followed by Q&A.

Consider this as a final pitch to investors so expect questions that are thorough, specific and sharp.  

Phase 5 : For Those who would like another shot

Since we are in a position to invite only a few eligible business plans to show case to our investors and experts we have designed this phase to help all those who would still like to pursue their dreams. 


This is not a time restricted event. If you select phase 5, we will jointly work with you to develop your idea into a robust business plan, be it technology, operations, finance or strategic help.  We will also connect you with other partners like PR firms, Technology Partners who are willing to work with you.  

And now

Contact us

Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.